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* Oberstdorf/Kleinwalsertal
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Experience holidays in nature

Highlights for true connoisseurs

Experience holidays in nature with all your senses: In summer and winter, people come to the Allgäu & Kleinwalsertal region to find inner harmony and to experience peaceful days in this idyllic mountain world.

The Oberstdorf/Kleinwalsertal region impresses through pure sensual pleasure. We equally address all senses and provide those seeking relaxation with a delightful time-out from everyday life.

Our mountain lifts will carry you up into an alpine natural environment. A change of perspective is not only provided by the elevated position, but rather emerges from within you. Everyday life becomes so small, just like the houses and roads in the valley.

Walk through our mountain world in the summer

During your summer holidays in the Allgäu and Kleinwalsertal region, for example, you can use the extensively-branched network of hiking paths for pleasurable trails in a natural environment. These paths follow the natural contours of the terrain, and a view of the surrounding peaks accompanies you at every step. Immerse yourself in a sea of vibrantly colored mountain flora during your holidays in this natural environment, and enjoy the colorful diversity. Simply soak up this mountain world – the fascinating mountain panorama, the fragrance of mountain flowers, the gentle chime of cow bells and the warm radiance of the sun on your skin.

Cutting curves through the snow in the winter

Travelling to the Allgäu region for a holiday in a natural environment is also well worth doing in the winter. Whether alone, as a couple or with friends – the constellation of your convivial group is completely at your discretion. We will provide you with the optimum framework conditions for sportingly active relaxation on the slopes. Perfectly prepared downhill runs await you, which can be reached via our convenient lifts. Sweeping turns on carving skis, the wind in your face... a broad smile will automatically emerge between ski goggles and scarf! Limitless skiing pleasure ahead of you, and everyday life behind you…and furthermore, this regenerative recreation can also be experienced on our winter hiking trails and on guided snow shoe tours – you just need to take the opportunity!

Rounding off the pleasurable experience

You will see, hear, feel and smell our natural environment and mountain experience during your holidays with us. And you simply must also taste the Allgäu and the Kleinwalsertal region! Take a break, let yourself be enchanted by our chefs, and allow us to round off your pleasure experience! Besides their cordial hospitality, our hosts are renowned for their regional specialties and a distinct consciousness for the optimum quality of their ingredients.

Wind down with all your senses

All-round pleasure: Natural surroundings, mountains, culinary delights, fresh air, diversity. Those who set off for a break in the Allgäu and Kleinwalsertal region will find relaxation.
Slow down. Lean back. Enjoy!

Limitless snow: at Fellhorn/Kanzelwand Mother Hulda and one of the most modern snow-making facilities in the alps work hand in hand.

Walmendingerhorn, Ifen and Heuberg form a ski area with 67 kilometers of slopes that offers diversity and fun for beginners, families and connoisseurs.

You will find lots of skischools and ski rental shops at every valley station in Oberstdorf and Kleinwalsertal.