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* Oberstdorf/Kleinwalsertal
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Preise Sommer 2019
Via ferratas

Our via ferratas offer impressive views to beginners as well as experienced climbers

2-Country-Sports-Via Ferrata at Kanzelwand

This via ferrata attracts the experienced climber who is looking for a sportive challenge. On a length of 550 meters in a vertical wall traverses, upswings, rope bridges and challenging climbing passages require a good shape and the right technique. Other requirements are sure footedness and you have to be free of dizziness as well as have the right equipment.

Transit time: approx. 60 to 120 min.

Kanzelwand Adventure Via Ferrata

The best option for beginners is the short route to the peak of Kanzelwand.
Length: 200m, Transit time: approx. 15 to 30 min.

Via Ferrata Hindelang at Nebelhorn

For the via ferrata Hindelang you need practice, sure footedness, you have to be absolutely free of dizziness and you need experience and security in the alpine terrain. The best time to do the via ferrata is from June to October. Where neccessary, steel ropes, hooks and ladders secure the way.
Starting at the peak of Nebelhorn you reach the "großer Daumen" in about 4 or 5 hours. From there, the way back to "Höfatsblick" station at Nebelhorn takes about 2 hours.
In order to abort your way if a thunderstorm starts, there are several exits on the way to the "Koblat" plateau, from where you can get back to Nebelhornbahn. These can also be used by less experienced climbers who do not intend to climb the whole via ferrata.