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Make it your territory!

Adler7 in winter
On each of it´s seven home mountains, the eagle is waiting for you with a special adventure. From the snowy peak down to the valley, at a racy slalom flight or up and down in the action loaded funslope - who dares to race with our heraldic animal?

7 mountains, 7 flights - experience it over and over again!

During the cold time of year, the magical winter atmosphere of the 2-country-region mixes with action loaded adventures. On the perfectly groomed slopes and in the secured off-piste terrain, the eagle challenges snow lovers big and small with exciting races. And the best about it: at every stop, cameras make sure you can afterwards see pictures and videos of your adventure at the OBERSTDORF · KLEINWALSERTAL BERGBAHNEN website.

Adler7 Winter HP
Fotostation Nebelhorn
The longest flight at the Nebelhorn

With a 7,5 kilometer slope, the longest flight of all is waiting for you at the Nebelhorn. Take a picture at the peak and in the valley.

Zu zweit in der Adler Station
Eagle Eye Run at the Söllereck

The eagle overlooks its territory and sees every tiny movement. In order to see every single turn of its competitors, it has pointed the camera on the exciting slalom course at the Söllereck. Right after passing the last gate and finishing your last skillful turn, the video of your run is ready. Now the eagle has time to analyse every single turn you made. Fun times for the whole family!

Mama unterstützt an der Box
Eagle Rally at the Fellhorn

Not for nothing the eagle is known to be the king of the sky. It is agile and graceful at the same time and its flight maneuvers are daring. The funslope at the Fellhorn is as action loaded as the flight of the heraldic animal: up, down, with bent wings into the steep turn, right, left and then with a nosedive deep into the snow swirl and through the pipe back into the open. The eagle makes sure, 3 cameras are pointed at your flight and ends the run with a high five before the next adventure begins.

Adler7 Winter Kanzelwand
2-Country-Flight at the Kanzelwand

Germany or Austria? At the Kanzelwand, snow eagles big and small can choose - but they do not have to. While one ski is still carving in the Allgäu, the other one is already checking out what Vorarlberg in Austria has to offer. Next to the "border eagle" is the perfect place for a unique souvenir photo. Two countries, one flight and a real border(line) experience for every skier.

Vom Tiefschnee auf die Piste
The Freefly at the Walmendingerhorn

White, glistening and untouched powder as far as the eye can see. On the avalanche-secured off-piste routes at the Walmendingerhorn you can feel the freedom of the eagle flying high above the ground. Away from the slopes and surrounded by gigantic mountains, a freeride adventure with endless fun and the feeling of freedom is waiting for you. And your own personal ski movie will keep the memory fresh, even when you are already back home.

Schnellster im Ziel
Takeoff at the Heuberg

Make sure your skies are freshly waxed, the edges are sharpened and then: "on your marks, get set, GO!".
The eagle challenges adrenalin junkies on the speed measurement track. Who is the fastest of them all? A little squat on your last meters might make you win the day in the end. But only the photo finish will reveal the victorious one as it also shows your speed record. And of course, little snow eagles can also race again and again and again.

Fotowand am Ifen
Feel the Olympic vibe at the Ifen

Spread your wings and glide over to the top station of the Ifen cable car. A real change of perspective is waiting for all ´Adler7´ competitors here. The photo stop takes you to the year 1936 when the German national ski team trained for the Olympics at the Ifen. The ´Olympia Abfahrt´ - one of the black slopes at the Ifen - was named after that and invites all racers to feel like the Olympic athletes must have felt a long time ago. And even if you do not dare to race down the black slope: everyone will succeed in taking a snapshot with the historic ski racers in front of our photo wall.

Make it your territory!

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