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Enjoying & senses
Listen to the sound of the alpenhorn, relish our regional culinary specialties, smell the frehly mowed alpine meadows and let your eyes wander across the mountain tops - this is what it means to enjoy with all senses

Seeing, hearing, feeling and especially tasting are very special in the alpine territory. Everyone who has ever enjoyed a meal at the top of a mountain knows, that this meal tastes so much better than it would ever do down in the valley.
It seems like the fresh mountain air sharpens your senses. Suddenly you see further, hear a sound in the distance, the sunrays feel more intense on your skin and your taste buds seem to flourish.

Gourmet meets mountain cable car

As a mountain cable car company we are not only taking you to the top, we also want you to enjoy your mountain trip altogether. This means that we intend to create very enjoyable moments up here for you.

The ´Tafel&Zunder´ restaurant at the Ifen, the ´Gipfelstuba´ restaurant at the Walmendingerhorn and the ´Nebelhorn2224´ which is - of course - at the Nebelhorn: they all are part of the numerous reasons why gourmets enjoy staying in the Allgäu and Kleinwalsertal region.

Fine dining with incredible views

Nice views at the Nebelhorn in summer and winter: to overlook 400 peaks on 2.200 meters is impressive. The Nebelhorn offers gourmets with its ´Nebelhorn 2224´ peak restaurant all year-round a breathtaking view and serves finest culinary art.

In winter, the newly renovated top station of the Ifen mountain cable car awaits you with its new culinary hallmark, the ´Tafel&Zunder´restaurant. This is where the perfectly synchronized team around restaurateur Thomas Vorholzer and his head chef Maik Neumann create local delicacies. Spicy elements round up the perfectly composed dishes from regional organic ingredients. The modern wood architecture with a local touch and the fascinating view invite the guests to stay.

Gourmet tip: to all breakfast lovers we recommend the brunch at the Nebelhorn every first Sunday of the month. From 9am - 2pm you can enjoy a rich breakfast- and lunch buffet.

Not only tasting is important up here...

we make sure you will enjoy your mountain adventure with all senses. At the Walmendingerhorn you can for example enjoy a sunrise ride and let the force of nature sink in. Time seems to stand still while the cable car starts moving and rides towards the rising sun. The world seems to be dipped in orange light, as if the mountains were on fire - a moment that you will keep in mind for a long time.

For the more ambitious ones, a sunrise hike is the perfect option. A walk between day and a dream that you can experience while being fully awake and enjoy with senses. Letting your mind wander, while walking steadily towards the peak in the dead of night is soothing to the soul.

Sunrise rides

the one-of-a-kind experience at the Walmendingerhorn - not only for early birds. A day can hardly start more impressive!


On every first Sunday of the month we serve culinary delicacies from breakfast to lunch at the ´Höfatsblick´ station at the Nebelhorn.

Mountain restaurants in Oberstdorf & Kleinwalsertal

You should not only get to know our cable cars, slopes and hiking trails, but also our mountain restaurants - our restaurateurs are looking forward to meeting you!