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Stick to the path

Respect your limits
Our mountains not only offer sanctuary for man, they are also home to countless animals and plants, so please treat our environment fairly and with the respect it deserves by keeping to the marked routes so as to protect our plants and animals.

Having an aim in mind

The initiative "Respektiere deine Grenzen" (´respect your limits´) was founded in the year 2004 by the government of Vorarlberg (Austria). The aim of this campaign is to sensitize sports enthusiasts and people looking for recreation in nature for the needs of flora and fauna.

In order for nature to unravel it´s true beauty, large amounts of money have been spent on paving and maintaining forest roads. This way we want to make sure you stick to the paved paths without damaging soil or sod. Act reasonably and close fences after opening them, accept road limitations, be considerate of others and take your waste back home.

We are all role models

Even though one person cannot move mountains: we are all role models. Maybe someone else adopts your behaviour without thinking about it.

The most important protection zones are marked with signs along the way and also within maps. The motto should nonetheless always be: less is more. The aim is not to spoil the fun for sports enthusiasts in nature but to find a way in which man and nature interact in a way that preserves our alpine flora for further generations.

Thank you for...

...taking your time to find out more about this campaign

...acting reasonably and level-headed so that nature doesn´t have to be piled with prohibition signs

...sharing your newly obtained knowledge. Point out mistakes to others.