Preise Winter 2018/19
* Oberstdorf/Kleinwalsertal
Normalpreis 47,00
Preise Sommer 2019
Sunrise rides

the one-of-a-kind experience at Walmendingerhorn - not only for early birds. A day can hardly start more impressive!

Sunrise rides with church service (optional and in German) on the following Wednesdays:
take place only in good weather conditions

July 3
First uphill ride: 5am
Beginning of service: 5.30am

July 10
First uphill ride: 5.15am
Beginning of service: 5.45am

July 24
First uphill ride: 5.15am
Beginning of service: 5:45am

August 7
First uphill ride: 5.30am
Beginning of service: 6am

August 21
First uphill ride: 6am
Beginning of service: 6.30am

September 04
First uphill ride: 6.15am
Beginning of service: 6.45am

Our mountain restaurant opens early on those days and offers a rich breakfast buffet (18€ adults / 8€ children; combined breakfast and up- and downhill ride: 36€)
Breakfast - rerservation required: 0043-5517-5274-4722

You will find out if the sunrise ride takes place (only in good weather conditions) the day before from 1pm to 5pm by calling our English speaking hotline 0049-8322-9600-3612.

Please note that the first downhill ride is after the service and then again at 8am