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Daypass Walmendingerhorn/Ifen/Heuberg


in €AdultSenior2Youth1child1
1957 - 19981956 and older1999 & 20002001 and younger
dayticket Ifen39.5037,5030,0017,50
dayticket Ifen with Heuberg-Arena39,5037,5030,0017,50
half-day ticket
from 12pm33,5032,0025,5015,00
from 1pm33,5032,0025,5015,00
from 2pm31,5030,0024,0014,00
morning ticket
until 12.30pm33,5032,0025,5015,00
time pass
basic rate42,5040,0032,0018,50
reimbursement within 2 hours14,0013,0010,506,00
reimbursement within 3 hours10,009,007,504,50
reimbursement within 4 hours7,007,005,503,00

1 For all discounted passes, especially children, youth, students, apprentices (1991 and younger), proof of age and entitlement have to be presented (with picture and date of birth)

2 Senior discount only from monday to friday! A proof of age and entitlement with picture and date of birth has to be presented